Monday, October 13, 2014

EpcotServo's Updates #200- Living Inside The Shell

Hello there everybody, and welcome to a super special Update! Without further lines of code, read on!


-Weather extremely good, crowds very, very crowded.

-Fastpass Plus entirely useless.

-Imagination had issues 3,4, and 5 of Figment.

-Maelstrom has been compromised

-Don't lose your way

-The International Food and Boozestufs festival is ongoing.

-Words illuminate pictures.

-Epcot stuff.

OK, that's about all for this and that. Now on to bigger, and bolder ideas!


Monday, September 29, 2014

EpcotServo's Updates #2.99- Park Runner

Hey everybody! It's time for that kind of Update time again! Let's cross the river, you can do it!


-Weather breezy, crowds not busy

-At Universe of Energy, many things not working but now Ellen and the snake-like creature were both missing. Just a large vacant scene with no audio. Seriously?

-Maelstrom Lives


-Frozen. Too much.

-Hot and rainy, crowds aplenty.

-Another attraction closing with not much to show.

-It's a shame it won't stay open. But then again, who does?

OK, that's about all for these words, now on to these pictures!


Monday, August 18, 2014

EpcotServo's Updates #2.98- Endless VIII

Hello everybody and how does it go? Goes well? Then click onwards for Update! Yes, have some!


-Crowds mild, Weather muggy and stormy in the distance.

-Mexican projection effect is really cool inside the main chamber.

-No No Norway I waited for Norway with the line sticking out the door.

-Illuminations still Illuminating.

-New vertical farming at Living with the Land!


OK, that's about all for that kind of thing, and now on to the main kind of thing!


Saturday, July 19, 2014

EpcotServo's Updates #2.97- Dragone with the Wind

 Hey everybody, it's that Updatetime again! Let's get on with the Dragone. Dragon. Whatever.


-Crowds lots and many.

-Heat mostly and very hotly.

-Diagon Alley! So great. Much better than the first Potterlands, and needless to say exceedingly great in many things.

-Only complaints are that there's only like 3 benches in the whole land, and still isn't my Jaws.

-Knockturn Alley, Butterbeer Icecream, and the GlowSnails. Best.

-On first day we went at park opening and had to get a return ticket, last time was around 5 and walked right in.

-Gringott's! Lucked out and got on rested and ready for waiting with a posted wait of 120, only waited an hour and a half. This ride is SPECTACULAR. It may not be my favorite ride ever, but it's without a doubt one of the best rides ever made. It's Universal's least jarring thrill ride that's still scary and cool. It doesn't beat you up and assault your senses like most Universal thrill rides, it's more smooth and controlled and all around thrilling. It's one of the most perfect Dark Rides, and is in the rare caliber of ride with Indiana Jones Adventure, Tower of Terror, and other amazing rides.


-Lots of fun.


OK, that's about all-Now on to the many pictures, and ENJOY!^^

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

EpcotServo's Updates #2.96- Central and Universal

Hello everybody and welcome to the time of the Update! Lots to think on, so get thinking on it!


-Crowds mild, weather hot but windy!

-Hogwarts Express soft opening!

-So in the realm of operational fact, the ride runs great and the crew really worked wonderfully in getting people on and out, the waits were short and flew by. I foresee this being how most everyone will parkhop.

-In the realm of opinion, I personally loved it. I'm not really a big Harry Potter fan at all, I have many a peeve about almost everything that isn't contained in books 3 and 4, but I got goosebumps seeing the train pull up for the first time! It's really cool, and what's best/most interesting is that the experience itself is calm, sedate, and enjoyable. It's not loud and brash like every single other Universal thing, as I have come to love them for. It's really amazing, and I can't recommend it enough.  Second favorite Universal ride still in operation, right after....

-Men in Black! Still could use a rehab, had some synching and AV problems. But still, I love it.

-Frozen Butterbeer still the drink of choice.

-Once again I find my opinion steadfast that they ruined Spiderman. The pace of the ride is all bjorked up, and it's not the beat-for-beat perfection it used to be. The graphics looking better doesn't save it for me, I really loved the original's rhythm.

-Yep, that's about it.

-Except for the pictures!

OK, that's about all-now on to said pictures!


Monday, June 23, 2014

EpcotServo's Updates #2.95- Center Nova

Hey everybody, it's update-time-EPCOT-time! Let's get on with it, if we're planning too!


-Crowds and weather both mild!

-Journey cover band at Sounds Like Summer was awesome to the max.

-So much stuff at Energy needs fixing. So much.

-NewTestTrack is still so good, but TruckLasers weren't working.

-You can watch the World Cup Thingie at the Odyssey if that's your GOOOOOOOOAAAALLLLL

-Impressions De Fronce is still just the best!

-If you follow my tweetings, then you may remember my posts about "Hako Vision", which is a little box with a Pepper's Ghost effect using  projection mapping that you get by scanning a QR code on the side. It turns your phone into a projection mapping, Pepper's Ghost Gundam show and is like the best! Well now they have them at Japan pavilion! Go, go buy them!

-Great new Soarin' merch at Soarin'

-Fun things are fun!

OK, that's all for this and that, now on to the pictures!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

EpcotServo's Updates #2.94- Gem and the Holograms

Hey everybody and welcome to another Update! As always, we start with the words and whatnot!


-Weather hot, crowds medium.

-Star Wars Weekends! Organized pretty well this year from what I could tell, though the merch was better in the tent than the soundstage. Met Steve Blum, the voice actor of Spike Spiegel which was amazing!

-Student film groups were filming on the Streets of America which was interesting!

-Also they were filming Rebels B-Roll.


-Crowds medium, weather was night. Night weather.

-Fastpass still working alright, came in around 8 and got Fastpasses for Mansion at 9 and Big Thunder at 10:45-11:45.

-Astro Orbiter is Astro-gone.

-Mine Train! Really fun. Got two rides in, and best of all two people jumped out of our car at load on the second ride, so we got to just really get it swinging side to side (yo) which was alot of fun. My only gripe is the interactive portions of the queue, which are nice but feel like an inescapable playground. The outdoor queue is really nice though, so there's that. It ain't no 20K, but I guess it's my favorite thing in the whole expansion.

-Got to ride Mine Train twice, Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, Pirates, Big Thunder, Pooh, and Mad Tea Party twice. Nine rides in two hours, whichisnotbadifIdosaymyself!

-Oh, nice things are nice

-No flash pictures in the mine thankfully, but one or two people drinking from the musical thing. THERE'S A DRINKING FOUNTAIN RIGHT NEXT TO IT!@   -   @

-Peoplemover is under rehab. Meh.

-For fun.

OK, that's about all, except for the rest of it!


Thursday, May 15, 2014

EpcotServo's Updates #2.93- Getter RoboDragon Z

Hey everybody, It's UpdateTime again! Meaning this stuff! Read on!


-Crowds Crowded and Weather hot enough for you.

-Dwarvesorama Train Ride was in a weird "Invited Cast Members Only" preview which no ride in my entire histories have done. It's usually Unannounced After Hours Testing, Park Only cast but-we'll-let-you-in-if-you-work-at-another-park-anyway Preview, and then Cast and Soft Opening. Never had nor seen any that required a special permission slip and was turning away non-kingdom Cast Members despite running with barely any people. The slowness and seeming indifference towards getting this thing open versus promoting it with the Media is something that defies most ride I've ever opened and I've opened quite a few. Blergh.

-Also Universal closed Jaws.

-Fun things are still fun though.

-Pirates Mermaids seemed to be off totally. If you think you were seeing Mermaids and/or Sea Monsters, you may have been submerged too long.

-The hub-bub construction is weeeeirrrddd

-Parade! New parade was good. Much better. Thank you. How are you?

-No further boarding MEANS No further boarding

-As a personal aside, PLEASE see GODZILLA in a theater this weekend.

-Because, GODZILLA.


OK, that's about all! Enjoy the presentation on the ViewerScreen!