Friday, April 17, 2015

Short Stories

Looking for some light reading? Please to check out my new Tumblr for short stories and random writings, Bored Dystopia.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Happy Birthday DCA!

Happy Birthday to DCA, one of my favorite parks on the planet!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Friday, February 6, 2015

EpcotServo's Updates #3.5- Train Man

Hello everybody and welcome to the first Update on the fresh new UpdatePage! Lots of captions and pictures to take in, so click on friends!


-New Universal entry sign, very nice.

-Weather cold and windy, crowds not very bad.

-Had more amazing experiences with Team Members than usual on this day, had loads of amazing interactions and even had a magic moment at Transformers where we got express'ed on just for bein' around, so super amazing thanks to the loads of great Team Members out there that made a usual parkvisit just a little extra special.


-Hub is super torn up. Castle Crane up as well.

-Tiki, Country Bears, Progress, Peoplemover!

-Mine Train is still Mine Trainey

-Got stuck for nearly twenty minutes on Pirates right before Unload, which was the fun part of an interesting Pirates experience-Including a grouper who wanted to stuff four large adults into the FIRST row, which we the guests had to instruct isn't humanly possible. And to top it off, we got SOAKED at the bottom of the drop. I don't mean the "Ha, Pirates was a little splashy today!" wet, I mean drenched. Only getting stuck at the end helped to dry my jeans out before leaving. Thankfully we got a re-ad, but either Pirates was having a terrible night or George the ghost was having a laugh. Yeah, interesting ride on Pirates.

-Got FerstPassesPlus online this time, worked out really well. Got on Mansion, Pirates, and Big Thunder with them.

-As an aside, the beach shacks along the Polynesian waterfront are pretty visually appalling from around Bay Lake. Blergh.

-It was still a great night for Kingdom though.


OK, that's about all there is for that. On to the Pictures!


Welcome Back to the Information Age!

 Welcome to the newly redesigned Updatepage! The information age is changing faster than anyone can predict, so after a blistering many years of staying the same, it's time to update the update page. Ideas, pages, and posts in this new digital space may come and go-but the same basic idea of what we're doing here is going to stay very much the same. Creating a space for weirdos, geeks, webheads, tranks, skeezos, and all manner of futurefolk to come and stay up to date. The new UpdatePage will be the Epcot-esque center for more rambling thoughts and updates related to EpcotServo (The Biohumanoid) and less to theme parks only. Well, we don't know what our goals our, and we don't know what we want to accomplish. And I can safely say, it's the most exciting change we've tackled here at the UpdatePage. 

Please mind the wet Interpaint. 

Love and G'night 


Saturday, January 24, 2015

EpcotServo's DISNEYLAND Updates #3.4- Into the West

Hello everybody! It's time for the last of the DISNEYLAND UPDATES for until who knows when, so let's just forget the words and go straight to the update at hand. Before we resume the OrlandoStuff, let's go back to 2014 and finish another epic DISNEYLAND journey!


Monday, January 12, 2015

EpcotServo's DISNEYLAND Updates #3.3- The Road Goes Ever On

Hey everybody, it's Part 3 time! The part that comes before Part 4, and after Part 2! Let's go on!


-DCA is still one mighty fine park

-Walt's birthday at Disneyland!

-The Submarine Voyage is looking really good after the rehab.

-Same with Alice in Wonderland, really love the new projections and cleaned up sets.

-Winter World O' Color is not nearly as good as regular World of Color, and they cut out a lot since the first winter dreams. I feel like there's hardly any good grid action, it feels too much like just watching a projection in the middle field with some fountains on the side. It just doesn't have the abstraction-ism and creativity of the main show, and Olaf quickly makes the show feel tired. Having said that, the tech upgrades such as the fun wheel-star point chaser lights and the snoap shape blowers are amazing. I also want to see the Screamin' lights incorporated into the new show. 

-Screamin' is still one fantastic Coaster.

-The best Racers ride at night ever.

-Much fun. Much fun.

OK, that's about it for wordings- now on to the many pictures!


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

EpcotServo's DISNEYLAND Updates #3.2 - Moonlighting

Welcome back to the Updates everybody! Part 2 is here, so read on if you'd like!


-Weather back to California standard, gone with the rainyness

-CARSLAND! Is still pretty much the greatest. Everything working fine on Racers save for the smoke ring which I've never really seen anyway.

-The new Big Thunder Mountain is really smooth, and really good.


-Disneyland Tiki Room forever.

-Crowds crowded, matters not.

-Disneyland! Disneyland! DISNEYLAND!

OK, that's about it. On to the pictures!