Monday, December 28, 2015

EpcotServo's Updates #3.13: Let Me Back In

   Hello everybody, and welcome to PART FOUR of the Disneyland Updates, and the last Update for the year! I hope you had a good one, and have an even better one next year! Until then, click on and ENJOY!^^

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EpcotServo's Updates 3.8: Twist and Shout

Hello everybody, and welcome to an overdue Update! I've been busy at work getting my book ready, so Update time is short. But now it's here, so let's get on to it! Covering many days and pictures, so click on my interfriends! And remember to click on to the very end for a special preview!


Monday, May 18, 2015

EpcotServo's Updates #3.7: The Update Awakens

Hello everyone, and welcome to another all-around time, Update time! Get ready to grow the brand and shift your paradigm, because it's time to click on for action!


-Weather hot but breezy, storms avoided, and crowds crowded but not overtly insane crazy.

-Star Wars Weekends 2015 is here! Below are thoughts.

-Start of the day was a bit of a hot mess, with wristbands being distributed for Merch and Autographs, but not both. And since the autographs are for later and the merch is for now, there was some chaos at least amongst the voices in my head.

-Merch this year takes up Prop Warehouse/Old AFI Building/and Backlot Tour prop shop. The latter has completely been stripped of all props, so as to wherever all the World of Motion pieces have been taken, I know not.

-Merch is pretty solid this year, but the standout is the awesome Force Awakens T-Shirt, and 25% of the cost goes to UNICEF and Force for Change, which makes it even more awesome.

-The waits to get into the store ranged from pretty bad, to walk right in. Waited for it a few times and it wasn't too bad. I still think I prefer the giant tent, but it's a better use for the building than Frozen, that's for sure.

-In the prop warehouse they have a LEGO building table, where you can build and keep an great Mini-Build. It's free lego so I shouldn't have to say much more to convince you that's awesome.

-Also there's a neat poster for Passholders and DVC members below the tour corridor near the Pixar Place gate, FYI.

-The autographs this year use the American Idol audition rooms, which is kind of a mixed bag. It makes it much more enjoyable if you have a fastpass, but the days of walking by and just seeing the celebrities aren't possible with this setup. I heard you can still get their fakesigned cards at the info booths, but I wasn't able to verify that. I think I'm more on the side of using the audition rooms though, since I always felt bad if your meet and greet ran long, seeing the faces out in the heat behind you in line. So I'm more on the improvement side on this one, reluctantly. 

-Probably my biggest complaint with SWW this year is the one I volley across all of WDW, the relentless upcharging. The upcharged gathering event, the dining events, the hangar thing downsizing backlot express. There's so much great stuff to offer the normal guest there should be no need for such things. Not so much a problem yet, but I can see it getting annoying.

-The Boba Fett mug looked great, but was nowhere to be seen. Not in yet maybe?

-The Stormtrooper intro show is better this year with some added pizzazz. It'll never replace the amazing sight of them on the gate roof, but it's getting there.

-Inside GMR, they've added BADLY out of place chain stanchions on the Anubis statue where the gangster/cowboy grabs the gem. It's OSHA fall protection ruling same as above, and annoyingly bad looking.

-The themed overhang at the exit of GMR is done, but nothing below it yet.

-The Chinese Theater still needs some details back, but the central roof has been cleaned.

-At Star Tours...I WAS FINALLY THE REBEL SPY! Leia told me so...Heh heh heh

-In Sounds Dangerous there's a great 30 Minute recap of Star Wars Rebels to check out, though spoilers if you're already planning to watch it all. If you weren't interested or want to cool down, go see it. Pretty good for a recap episode, plus life-size Ezra and Sabine inside. 

-The Echo Lake ducklings were invading the Indy outdoor cart near Backlot Express, and it was adorable.

-First time seeing the new Star Wars fireworks, and it was AMAZING. WDW Pyro pulls out all the stops. Not to mention...New Troopers. That's right...NEW TROOPERS!

OK, that's about all for the many words. Now on to the many pictures.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

EpcotServo's Updates #3.6: Springtime Across Spacetime

Hello everybody~! Sorry for the long Updatelessness, I was sort of busy writing a book. Like, with words. Lots of them. And less pictures. But the pictures roll on, and without really knowing why, they always say, WE MUST UPDATE!


-I sort of forgot about taking pictures of Animal Kingdom in February. Yeeeaah. Sorry about that.

-I remember it being cold...And there were Animals.

-The new FOTLK theater is nice, show...enh. The same.


-Hat is down. Well, not in the pictures. But in general, yeah.

-Other stuff, which I totally remember.


-Weather mild and pleasant, to stinky hot and rainy. Pretty much Florida in spring. And summer.

-Crowds medium

-Universe of Energy is really in a sad state. All environmental effects are broken. Two of four show doors not working. Curtains still broke. Ellen and dinosaur, missing.  Essentially an entire scene, empty. This is not only bad show, but a new level of ineptitude in quality control. They're letting energy, rot-and for what reason I can only assume MUST be stupidity or some malice and forethought.

-Another weird thing, in Theater 2 they've replaced the center screen with a digital projector. People won't be inclined to notice, but if you're a weirdo like me you'll find seeing the same movie being displayed in Digital AND film at the same time is a weird experience, much like Philharmagic-unless they've changed that since opening.

-Innoventions walls everywhere. EVVEEERRRYWHHEERRREEEEE

-So why the heck is Living with the Land closing after seven again? There's literally hundreds of people waiting for fastpasses or reservations to come in, and lots of rider swaps going on. Not to mention closed seating areas, this kind of cheapness is crazy.

-The Tomorrowland Preview is amazing. I just wish the people who run Epcot would take a look at it, and I don't know, throw some money into the ring for making Epcot an optimistic experience again. Just sayin'.

-Frozen coke slushees at the Outpost are still magic. 


YES, that's all for the words. On to the pictures!